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Protection of Privacy-The personal information requested on this form and any visual images to other personal information of a student used or disclosed in the UIW Engage system, are collected to register and/or facilitate the involvement of individuals in approved student groups, under the authority of Section 33(c) of the San Antonio Freedom of Information and Protections of Privacy Act, and the Post-Secondary Learning Act.

The information you enter into the UIW GivePulse application will be collected and used to assist UIW with provision of programs and services for the benefit of its registered students and alumni and other consistent purposes. The information will be collected, uses and disclosed for the University administrative, statistical, and disciplinary purposes and through the services and functionality of UIW GivePulse to those who have access to the UIW GivePulse system. It will be disclosed to the The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership & Sustainability, UIW for the purposes of registering and providing services to student organizations by both the University and The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership & Sustainability; it will also be disclosed to any group(s) that an individual joins, for the purpose of operating such group(s).

Certain personal information may be made available to federal and provincial departments and agencies under appropriate legislative authority. Personal information is protected under the FOIPP Act. For a list of additional Institutional Resources policies visit, click here . For further information, contact the The Ettling Center for Civic Leadership & Sustainability.

Additional, I acknowledge that my participation and conduct on the UIW GivePulse system is subject to all UIW regulations, policies, and procedures. In particular, if I am a student, I understand that my actions on the UIW GivePulse system are subject to the Student Code of Conduct.