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Club Morgan
What is Club Morgan?

Club Morgan is a group-based program for members to create social, recreational, and inclusive opportunities for individuals who are 16 or older and of all abilities to form life-long friendships while participating in a variety of activities including creative arts, culture, sports, outdoor recreation, and more. Club Morgan will offer monthly programming that Volunteers Partners and Participants can sign-up to attend via GivePulse.

Club Morgan Members 
What does it mean to be a Club Morgan Member?
There are two different types of memberships in the Club Morgan program.

  • Volunteer Partner: whether you have a disability or not, registering to be a Volunteer Partner includes supporting individuals with disabilities of all ages to participate in recreation through encouraging social interaction and activity participation, along with having a general positive/upbeat attitude that encourages friendship. 
    • Required to create a Account
    • Required to attend Morgan's Wonderland Volunteer Orientation and complete background check (Please note, if you have already attended Morgan's Wonderland Volunteer orientation in 2021, you are cleared to be an individual volunteer for Club Morgan)
    • Additional responsibilities may include event setup, clean up, check-in, etc.
    • Volunteer Partners should be 16 and older
  • Participants: Individuals with disabilities are invited to attend monthly sessions where themed recreational activities will take place encouraging positive peer interaction and socialization.  Those interested in participating in the program for social and recreational opportunities do not need to complete an orientation or complete a background check.  
    • Please note being a Participant is different than being a Volunteer Partner.
    • Participants should be 16 years or older.

How do I become a Club Morgan Member?

Club Morgan will offer monthly programming events where Partners and Participants can sign up to attend through GivePulse.  To be a member of this group and register as either a Partner or Participant:
1. Get a account
2. "Become a Member" of Morgan's Wonderland Inclusion Foundation 
3. In 3-5 business days, you will receive a message through the system.  Follow the instructions you will receive to gain access to the Club Morgan events sign-up.
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