The Lookout Coffee & Community



The Lookout Coffee & Community is a cozy, family friendly non-profit coffee shop in the north Stone Oak area. Run primarily by volunteers and a small staff, The Lookout gives all net profit proceeds to support mission work, youth and children's programs, as well as local charities.
We have highschool, college, corporate and retired volunteers.
Volunteers age 18 to "seasoned" :)  are welcome for weekly volunteer commitments!
We are also HIRING paid positions for part-time work. *We request availability for at least 15 hours/week.  

Volunteer & Employee roles: 
  • Barista- Trained on the espresso machine and blended beverages
  • Point of Sale (works the register and greets customers)
  • Food- Learn how to prepare and make limited food menu items
  • Cleaning (Helping with the daily cleaning list, weekly, and monthly tasks. 
  • Brewing coffee/ expediting orders. 
Shift options available:
M-F 7am-1pm Saturday: 8am-12pm
To volunteer or inquire about a paid positions, contact
Facebook: @lookoutcoffeesa

The Lookout Highlights:

  • The Lookout is a collaboration of Hope Arise United Methodist Church--the goal is to provide a community space for work, networking, fellowship and fun!
  • Closed on Sundays for Hope Arise church services.
  • Fun indoor children's play area.
  • Local artists artwork on display and for sale.
  • Local entrepreneur businesses sell jewelry, clothing, greeting cards, gift items & more
  • Local child development and enrichment services invited to host monthly opportunities for children.
  • Space available for rental for parties & events outside of business hours.
Sustainable Development Goals
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