UIW Cardinal Community Leaders Program

Welcome to the Cardinal Community Leaders Program!

This group will be used to post community service opportunities, Ettling Center sponsored events, guest speakers, track participation and more!

A general overview of CCL Program participation: 
  • Commit to a minimum of 10 hours of service each fall and spring semester. Assignments may include volunteering with a local school district, reading and literacy, mentoring, UIW community gardens, Cardinals' Cupboard, etc. Students will submit reflections documenting volunteer activities through GivePulse. Students will also participate in leadership development. 
  • Commit to serve and assist in 5 Ettling Center sponsored events per academic year (this can include voter registration drives, volunteer fairs, community service days, lectures/presentations).
  • Participate in at least one Ettling Center Service Mission Trip (local, regional, national, or international) *Currently on hold due to the pandemic.
  • Selected students will be required to enroll in RELS 3399 Social Justice Leadership course (for new CCL members only). This is a Level II Religious Studies class and has a prerequisite of a Level I Religious Studies class. This class can fulfill the undergraduate UIW Core Curriculum requirement of an upper level Religious Studies or Philosophy class. Please consult with your academic advisor to review your degree plan. The course may not be repeated for credit.
You became a Cardinal Community Leader because you want to:
  • Apply & learn SOCIAL JUSTICE leadership through a local, national, regional or international service experience
  • Develop your LEADERSHIP skills through service & mentoring


Sr. Dorothy (Dot) Ettling, CCVI*, founder of the Ettling Center for Civic Leadership, had a vision to support and mentor UIW students to become civically engaged leaders who would serve in the community, develop their leadership potential, and graduate as concerned and enlightened citizens with a passion for promoting social justice both locally and globally. This vision set the foundation for the creation of the Ettling Center and the development of the Cardinal Community Leaders (CCL) program.

The program recruits students from the UIW undergraduate student population who are in good academic standing and who have completed at least two full-time semesters of course work at UIW. This program is open to students continuing through three years of undergraduate education and a progressive leadership  development program. The Cardinal Community Leaders (CCL) serve as a visible sign of the institutional commitment to service in the community. They integrate the best practices they have learned at the local level to their global engagement projects. This is accompanied through mentoring, critical thinking and a process of actively developing leadership skills to  address social justice issues in the local community. 

The goal of this program is to expand the possibility for students to learn leadership skills from extended  service experiences in order to develop greater potential for civic leadership only after having experienced and reflected upon meaningful service encounters.


Sustainable Development Goals
44 People | 45 Impacts | 322 Hours | 9,183 Total Economic Impact

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