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Our Mission is to extend the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to all those we serve. Our commitment is to show respect for the whole person at every stage of life focusing on the unique needs of older adults. We provide a continuum of care, housing and services while offering compassion, comfort and opportunities for spiritual growth.

In order to volunteer at The Village at Incarnate Word, all individuals must first fill-out the Volunteer Application Inquiry Form which is found in our website: Volunteer Application Inquiry Form 

Once we have received your form, we will review it and contact your regarding your next steps which will include the following: 

  1. Filling out and signing the Application Form
  2. Filling out and signing the Confidentiality and Volunteer Guidelines Forms
  3. Filling out and signing the Parental Consent Form (if applicable)
  4. Providing us with vaccination documentation (i.e. COVID Vaccination and Flu Vaccination when applicable).
  5. Attending the mandatory Volunteer Orientation

If you are inquiring on behalf of a student group or any other organization, please send me an email at: so we can discuss particulars.

Once documents are received back – either electronically or in person - we will proceed to set up a time for orientation (orientation should take about an hour to be completed).

Volunteers ages 12 to 15 must have a Parental Consent Form signed by a parent/adult guardian and attendance of a parent/adult guardian at the orientation is mandatory. 

After completing all these requirements – and not before – you can begin volunteering with us here at The Village.

Our residents and staff are looking forward to having you helping us soon.

You can contact our Director of Volunteers, Fernando E. Sorolla-Delgado directly via email at:
or via phone at: 210.829.7561 x 943 

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