Second Saturday Workday

Next date is Saturday, August 13th, 2022 from 8:00am to 11:00am (CT)


Come volunteer at Festival Beach Food Forest! 

What to expect:
Volunteer days at FBFF involve various gardening and site maintenance activities that vary by season. Sometimes we are planting and sowing seeds, sometimes we are spreading mulch, working on pathways and irrigation, pruning or cutting back vegetation, etc. It's always a beautiful day and a learning opportunity. Come prepared to be plugged in to a task by the FBFF Plant Team volunteers.

What to bring:
- Wear work clothes and sturdy closed-toe shoes
- full water bottle
- [optional] your own gardening gloves and tools
- whatever weather protection is needed that day (sun protection, a rain jacket, etc.)
- a face mask (see below for more details about COVID protocols)
- whatever else you need to be safe and satisfied (snacks, medication, EpiPen, etc)

Plant Team Volunteers often stay after the work day to unwind and socialize in the park for a bit -- you are welcome to join, and might consider packing a lunch or a cooler (no glass).

COVID-19 Safety Precautions:
FBFF adjusts our practices based upon the status/rate of community spread and risk-based guidelines in Austin. Be prepared to follow the requests and instructions of the FBFF volunteers who are leading the volunteer day.

Always be respectful of everyone's requests and comfort levels around sharing space/maintaining physical distancing --- before entering someone's "bubble", ask questions! seek consent! (i.e. Can I give you a hug? Do you mind if I join you? Do you want me to mask up? etc., etc.)

The following people should remain home and cancel registration if applicable:
- Anyone who has been exposed to someone that tested positive
- Anyone who is following direct recommendation from their health-care provider to self-quarantine
- [At Stage 3 and higher] Unvaccinated/partially-vaccinated, high-risk individuals
- [At Stage 4 and higher] Unvaccinated/partially-vaccinated individuals of any risk level

--- Thank you! Hope to see you soon at the food forest!

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Parking Details
Just park along the street, but please don't block the curb cut/ramp for those in wheelchairs, which at the northwest edge.
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