STORIES OF TRUTH AND TRANSFORMATION: Compassion, Civic Engagement, Teaching Social Justice

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Let's share what we have been learning and how we have been uniting in service in relation to "Stories" as described here .  Listen to recordings of the city-wide gathering which are posted by the Speakers   and within the schedule   Join in these and other Service opportunities  We are San Antonio, a “City of Compassion”   and you are helping justice and compassion to grow.   

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Films on these presentations can be found on our speakers page and our schedule page.  

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Join us as we explore how we educators recognize our individual stories, engage in educational practices that will help our students realize their own human dignity, their “sacred stories,” help them listen to the stories of others, stories of earth, and compassionately embrace civic engagement for equity and justice, creating new stories?

We gather across campuses, across cultures, across the city.  Am I a victim, a survivor, a hero transforming the challenges into wisdom and compassion? Our city has the dubious distinction of the highest percentage of people living in poverty among the 25 largest U.S. cities and of being one of the
 most economically segregated cities with huge gaps in neighborhoods, education, job opportunities, housing and, medical care availability.