Composition II Service Learning Project

Tuesday, October 6th from 8:00am to Saturday, October 10th, 2020 10:00pm (CT)


Composition II Service Learning Project

Due by Saturday, October 10th at 9pm


One of the unique features of this class is your service-learning project. You’ll notice in many of our course readings that “Leading a Life that Matters” involves giving back to others. As such, we’re going to give back as part of our course.  You’ll be exploring reading in a different context. At some point of your choosing during the first seven weeks of class, you’ll create a video of yourself reading an entire book or a chapter from a famous novel.  While this is not due until week 7, this is the last possible deadline.  I highly encourage you to post your video prior to then.


Our class is creating a YoutTube channel for first grade children at the Founders Classical Academy of Schertz.  During  your video, you’ll provide some context for the text that young children would be interested in, discuss yourself and why you chose to take this class (or why you enjoy reading), tell the children why you chose the text you did, and then read the entire book or selected chapter/s aloud on our Youtube channel.  This channel will be used by the teachers at the school to assess the children and to help them as they learn to build upon their reading skills during the pandemic.  This will count as meeting the service-learning requirement at the university.  You should allot 5-7 hours for this project in total. 


You will be assessed on the quality of your video in terms of its broader educational purpose: your video should be clear both visually and audibly, your background and context should be articulately stated, and the video should be accessible overall to young children.  Keep in mind that your audience is 5-6 year-old children, so consider props, dressing up, and enthusiasm!  What will make them excited to read more and listen to the end of the video?  What will encourage them to read?


You must upload your videos to YouTube, and you also must ensure that the videos are public. After you do so, email me the link for it and I will add it to our channel’s playlist. Each video should be titled as FCA – Title of the Book. For example, if you are reading Green Eggs and Ham, your video title would be FCA – Green Eggs and Ham. If you are reading a chapter of a book, then follow this same formula and simply indicate what chapter you’re reading.


You will be assessed on the reflection you turn in as part of the assignment, turning it in both to me and to the university.  During this reflection, you’ll consider why this assignment pertains to what we’re learning in class, and you’ll relate it to our course materials.  You are required to quote from one text we’ve been reading together as class.  The text and quote is of your choosing:  I simply want to see you relating the assignment to our broader class ideals. You might consider UIW’s mission statement when crafting and considering your reflection, too: I’ll post the reflection assignment upload in our Week 7 unit.  You can simply copy what you turned in to the Ettling Center to me.


Here’s the link to log UIW service hours and post your reflection :  There’s virtual help if you need assistance.


Most importantly, have fun as you give back to our community!

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